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Talking Confidence and Style with Roberta Lee (featuring DFYNorm)

Talking Confidence and Style with Roberta Lee (featuring DFYNorm)


Roberta Lee rocking our Ikat shorts.
Roberta Lee rocking our Ikat shorts.


A few months ago, I met the amazing Roberta Lee the confidence coach and stylist at Roberta is a woman’s woman, someone who cares to bring goodness into other people’s lives purely because that’s who she is.

She is a bundle of positivity, a norm-defier and someone who cares about both fashion and sustainability in fashion.

As someone who oozes style and confidence, I asked her to review and style DFYNorm products. She has done a great job of it on her blog here as well as on her Youtube Channel here. (Roberta is offering free styling to some lucky DFYNormers. Read on to find more.)

“I found that helping people gave me a sense of purpose ” -Roberta Lee

Me: Can you take us through your journey that led you to become a confidence coach?

RSL: The past 15 years of my life have been pretty eclectic in terms of the types of jobs I have occupied – although there are consistent themes. I always focused on people, engaging them, motivating them, implementing process to get people work together in harmony etc. Unbeknown to me at the time I was sowing the seeds for my business.

My early years were full of disruption – I had to deal with a lot of rejection. Like a lot of people, I was always trying to seek the approval and love of others. Fitness helped me turn a corner – it gave me the self-belief and discipline I needed. Once I started taking care of my mind and body I realised how much easier managing life was.

When I first launched Roberta Style Lee I was so focused on fitness as that was what gave me the confidence to take back control of my life. But it also opened me up to the many barriers women (and men) face that can prevent them from being the best possible version of themselves.This led me to work on mind-set and the life coaching began – I found myself working with people to get past their self-limiting beliefs and instill confidence within. I didn’t anticipate that the coaching would eclipse the fitness work and that the personal styling would become so relevant, but it has.

Me: How do you employ fashion as a tool to help women enhance their confidence?

RSL: Some stylists just work on masking the individual by making the exterior look pretty – but that doesn’t address the issues that fuel low self-esteem.  It’s important to recognise that for some people dressing a certain way can be a great way to emphasise their  personality – and that’s fine too. Anything that makes a woman feel empowered, strong and confident – I support. The most important thing a women can experience is confidence in herself, without all the clothes and makeup. Once that self-confidence is in place – the real fun with personal styling begins. I like my clients to feel like they are the star of their own catwalk. We all deserve to feel fabulous about ourselves. Fashion is something I have always adored since I was young as it helped me get into character and explore being different.

Roberta Style Lee in our linen jumpsuit.


Roberta Style Lee in our Dare to Bare Waistcoat Dress
Roberta Style Lee in our Dare to Bare Waistcoat Dress

Me: Why do you say “Confidence and Conscious Fashion Go hand in hand”?

RSL: Well I believe that you have to think about who you are and what you wear. What do you stand for? When you wear something it can be a conscious or unconscious choice – either way the outcome is the same it impacts you the ‘wearer’ and the message you send out to others about yourself.  Being sure about who you are and what you chose to wear is empowering – this translates effortlessly into confidence.

Me: What helps you build your confidence?

RSL: That’s easy – my health and fitness, my love of fashion and a positive lifestyle. I am always learning, I have always been onto self-development and self-analysis – that has helped me become more confident because I know more about myself and why I do certain things.  It’s also very important to remove people from your life that cause a negative impact or don’t inspire confidence.


Me: How has your personal journey helped other women build their confidence?

RSL: I have taken my experiences and shaped them into something that adds value to me and my life – and I now share those experiences and how I did it with others. I never used any of my circumstances as an excuse – I am where I am today on the merit of my achievements. I work hard, stay true to myself and very importantly have stayed positive even in the face of doom and gloom. I encourage women to appreciate themselves even their so called ‘flaws’ – to find their true confidence.

Me: Do you believe styling is a sustainable choice?

RSL: Yes – It can be. As I have gotten older I have started to be more conscious of my behaviours. In my twenties, I was an ‘on mass’ shopper buying outfits to be worn just once. Now I  use what I have got and invest only in key pieces that I can use for many years. For example, I invested in a Burberry trench coat which I got custom fit by the tailor in the Burberry store – I plan to keep that and wear that until I am old and grey.

Me: What is your current style?

RSL: My style is quite elegant with a fashionable twist these days.  I’m petite and curvy so it limits me from a lot of trends – so this is why I tend to go for more classic styles. I guess that’s an age thing too. I am a big fan of monochrome and stripes.


Roberta Lee Styles our Linen Jumpsuit
So many looks for one Jumpsuit ~ Roberta Lee styles our Linen Jumpsuit


Me: What are your three top tips to women to build their confidence everyday? 

RSL: Exercise, Eat Well and get plenty of sleep – would be tip 1. Tip 2 would be to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like and Tip 3: Invest in yourself, take the time to learn more, get a coach or trainer or stylist and don’t be afraid to embrace your talents and natural beauty.

Me: How do you shake yourself out of a bad mood? 

RSL: Exercise is the best cure for me. I also eat well which gives me better clarity on things. And sometimes when I want an extra boost of sass – I power dress.

Me: Can you name a couple of your role models and why they inspire you?

RSL: La Meri and Martha Graham were both inspirational dancers who dared to be different and achieved great things in their fields. I’m also a big fan of Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney.


Me: What is the one thing you’d leave our audience with?  

To pursue a life filled with an abundance of confidence you must start with the basics – your health. Love yourself, invest in yourself – and the rest will fall into place. ~ Roberta Lee


If you have enjoyed this post, let us know in comments! You can redeem RStyleLee to get 20% OFF all our pieces in our collection here for a limited time. Roberta is generously giving away free styling sessions for the first 10 to avail this offer.

You can follow Roberta here and get her latest tips on style and confidence. Her social media channels are linked here- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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