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In Love, She Found Herself: Rosemary Gallagher

In Love, She Found Herself: Rosemary Gallagher

In Love, She Found Herself

 She was “the One”.

 Today, I want to share with you the story of someone I am proud to call my friend.

Rosemary Gallagher.

Rosemary Gallagher rocks our Ikat Jacket!

I read her autobiographic novel “I Listened to My Heart” last year. And then, because I found so much resonance in her story, I reached out to her. And she responded! And the rest is history.

At the time I wrote to her, she was in New York City. We planned to meet when she was back in town. Of all the magical places she could live in the world, she had to live in my city! Haha. I consider London my city!

Rosemary is a very honest, warm, open-hearted and loving Aussie woman with an Irish heritage. She is strikingly gorgeous and infinitely talented. And someone who is unafraid to dream BIG and have fun working towards her dreams.

You will not find Rose stressing about how she is going to win the Grammy (Which happens to be a big dream for the lady) or how she is going to be chatting with Ellen DeGeneres on her show (another big one). Because such is her faith in how the Universe opens doors for her (as it would for you and me if only we could step out of our own way and into alignment with the Cosmos).

Her whole life has been a testament of how the Law of Attraction works in perfect harmony bringing her everything she needs in an easy and effortless manner. She just listens to the call and flows with it. It is a magical thing to witness and something to take inspiration from.

In this way, she has written songs, produced songs (now has exciting production houses wanting to make her songs!), won the SongWriter Award of the Year, got trained in professional Tarot reading/intuitive counseling and runs a thriving business offering these services to clients who are her fans. She has published two books now and has a third one in the offing. A couple years ago, she was invited to do a reality TV show (Made in Chelsea) in which she read Tarots.

I gotta tell you, I am a spiritual explorer. However Tarots and psychics have been a bit much for me- And I have been dubious about those things. But when I watched a reel of Rosemary’s TV episode, I was frankly impressed at how sophisticated and grounded she looked. She looks unbelievably classy in the episode. One day soon, she’ll be making movies. She has that star quality about her and she literally dazzles.

But there’s something that triggered all of this, which is inspiring. That’s the story we are getting into today especially because it is so perfect for today.

The Story of Rosemary Gallagher

 Rose used to be one of those really amazing people who was completely clueless about her own talents or her true worth. Born to this large and loving Australian family, she just went about happy with her lot in life and had no major ambitions. No desire to explore within. None of that stuff.

One of the things she had accepted matter-of-fact from a very early age was her connection with angels. They communicated with her and she never thought it was weird or spiritual or anything. It just was.

Working just enough to take care of her needs, her only dream was to find that man and live happily ever after. Today she tells me- She can’t believe that’s all she wanted! But for years and years, like a lot of women, that was all.

She wanted to have this man walk in, sweep her off her feet. Hopefully he’d be wealthy and successful and she’d enjoy being his wife and they’ll travel the world and so on.

What was special about the way she waited for “The One” was, she was very particular about this person. It wasn’t going to be just anyone. So despite the many potential “The Ones” that could have fit the bill perfectly, she just knew they weren’t “him”. Her inner guidance was strong on this matter and kept her out of it. So she never was in love with anyone, never had a broken heart…

During this time, she started her spiritual journey.

At the age of 40 (in 2000), she moved to London to start over and search for this elusive gentleman. It was a new life, a new home and she found her feet here quickly enough with a job and friends. And yet, the man was nowhere to be! Meanwhile she had fun with her life. There was never any shortage of that, thank Goodness. Rosemary knew how to have a good and happy life.

At the age of 45, in walks “The One”!! He is for real. And he is an American who had moved to London on his job.

In addition to her angels guiding her about him showing up even before he did, she just knew it when she met him. This person literally was herself in another body. The energetic resonance was unmistakable; the connection was instant and there was no question in her heart. She didn’t need to get to know him because she already did know him. She felt like she didn’t even need to date him and progress towards marriage as is usual with couples. She would have married him right away. He only needed to ask instead of wasting both their times!

And co-incidentally, they worked in the same building and had to a few run-ins with each other.

After their first spectacular date however, the connection turned hot-and-cold. It was confusing to Rose because this was “The One”.

Why would he not get it? How could she be so wrong about it? Every time she met him, she felt the connection and how mutual it was. And yet, Joe (the character she named him in her book) just appeared to be running away. Until a few months later, he returned to the States, once again on his job.

This kind of connection has been named as the “Twin Flame” or “Twin Soul” in spiritual circles. Rose was unaware of the terminology until many many years later.

Twin Soul/Twin Flame Theory

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…
Plato, The Symposium

According to the theory (and there are several variations of it), sometimes advanced souls decide to split into two halves- male and female for a more accelerated spiritual expansion. They come to the earth and when they reconnect, there’s a third energy- or the God energy that is experienced between the two which explains the magic that is beyond words. The love they have for one another is unconditional.

Now when a soul encounters its other half literally, one would assume that it would be an easy relationship. However, that’s not the case for the majority of Twin Flames. After the initial recognition and delightful “bubble phase”, apparently, most of these couples have a period of “run and chase” where either or both of them run from the intensity of this connection and the difficultly they have in facing their true selves.

Because they are mirrors of one another, they see both the good and bad in themselves reflected in the other. And unresolved matters come up to the surface to be resolved. Spaces where growth needs to occur become abundantly obvious in individuals, affecting their sense of self-worth if they are not sufficiently mature from a spiritual standpoint and still operate from the ego.

“Am I worthy of this love?” “Is it real?” “Does he/she love me for who I am, or what he/she thinks I am?”

Meeting the twin soul is usually a catalyst to finding the true self.

In order for a lasting re-union to occur between twin souls, they should have a very high level of spiritual maturity. Ego has no place in any enlightened relationship anyway, but especially in these relationships, it is the kiss of death.

The Twin Souls are supposed to have a purpose more grandiose than reuniting. As romantic as all of it sounds, these souls usually have missions to accomplish either together or apart. They are here to uplift humanity and model unconditional love for the others so that it becomes the ultimate template for all relationships.

There cannot be any codependency in the partnership and it demands each person in such a relationship to be truly grounded and complete in who they are.

Back to Rosemary’s Story:

Rosemary has been in love with her twin soul for the last decade! And yes it drove her nuts, her friends nuts, her family nuts.

And yet, she has believed in the truth of it through all this time with little encouragement from him, the runner in the story. She never got tangled up herself in any ego battles of running and chasing or questioned her self-worth because she has always believed he loved her too. Whatever it seemed to be on the outside.

In the last few years, she has found “herself”. She has found that she is here to do much more than find “The One”. She is here to dig deep and share her infinite gifts with the world. She is here to love many. And that she is really “the One” she has been looking for all this time.

That was what her Twin Soul came here to show her. She is infinitely grateful to him.

She found her creative voice, which she accesses to write songs. Intitially, it was all quite unbelievable to her!

She won the SongWriter award of the year, published her first book “I Listened to My Heart”, and just this month, she published a small handbook that works as a great Valentine’s present! I was present at the launch of her second book.

In a couple of months, she will launch her next book Maktub which means: “It is Written”. It is a sequel to her first book. I have already read the book and I love it!

Rosemary is in a very exciting phase of her life and believes nothing is impossible. She isn’t waiting around for her Twin Soul to show up around the corner. She continues to embrace life and all the little and big joys that await her.


True love helps you find yourself.

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