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In Conversation with Darshana Ubl, plus a Wardrobe Ransack!

In Conversation with Darshana Ubl, plus a Wardrobe Ransack!

So here we are, at the end a glorious 2015. I call this year “glorious” because it has stretched me like nothing ever has.

Without further ado, I introduce you to one of my real life role models and favorite people Darshana Ubl. Someone who constantly inspires me.

I met her last year at a high-profile event run by Entrevo. It is called the Key Person’s of Influence brand accelerator. If you have not checked out the KPI-stuff yet, you must in March 2016.

At the time I attended the event, Darshana Ubl was the CEO at Entrevo UK. She led the event all the way to a glorious Guinness World Record victory for the most-number-of-people-attending-a-speed-networking-business-event in the world.

I saw and marvelled at the humungous amount of leadership and team-work it required to pull off just the event, let alone the record victory on Darshana and her team’s side.

I knew I had to get to know this woman. I ended up going on the 40-week KPI journey and yes, I got to know the woman, who has since moved on to the next phase of her entrepreneurial journey.

I attended her TEDx talk on the Triple-Win method to drive collaborations. There’s much to be said about her accomplishments as an investor and an international business leader, an advocate for small businesses in the UK frequently speaking with the Government as well as making regular appearances on BBC.

Most of all, she is an amazing human being. She nurtures as she leads, and she is truckloads of fun too as we discovered in our first shoot.

Today, I share with you a short 3-min video excerpt from a chat I had with Darshana at her home. We spoke about her key influences in life and how she views the world.

Ofcourse,  it wouldn’t be complete if  I didn’t ransack her wardrobe too (and get some ideas!) So here’s that part of the excercise!

Stay tuned for more on our upcoming fashion project! The powerful intersection of stories+Fashion is the next leg of DFYNorm‘s journey in 2016!

I must make a word of mention for my KPI buddy and video agency founder Rob Edmonds at NRG Digital who jumped on board when I first shared with him my wardrobe ransack plan with Darshana. He generously offered to do these videos for me. Thank You ROB for the masterful job! (We have both edited me out. Haha. Don’t ask why!)

The week after this was done he was off in the White House doing some cool stuff. The man seriously is someone who speaks less and does more. Must watch out for those people 😉


One thought on “In Conversation with Darshana Ubl, plus a Wardrobe Ransack!

  1. February 8, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Hello! Resource cool!
    Here’s a question you do not design Romario did?
    Just loved it and want their own kind only in blue!

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