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What are you most grateful for this 2015?

What are you most grateful for this 2015?

As I am writing the post, I’ll go first.

This year, I am grateful for having taken this journey in Fashion with my co-founder Smita.

It has been a string of intense first-times, intense beauty and intense experiences overall. I am grateful to know that I have defied my norms- I have done everything I never thought I’d be doing when I was 10 or 20.
I am grateful for all the stories I have heard. I am grateful for the clarity attained and the opportunities present as we go forward. I am grateful for all the love in my life and the friendship and generosity that has been extended to me. I am especially grateful for the people I have worked with during the uptimes and downtimes, the people who joined me unquestioningly in becoming a part of what we do here. Thank You all!
Here’s what Smita has to say:
“I am grateful for having launched our first collection on our DFYNorm webstore. It was intense making it happen, setting up sourcing and a production unit(!) and looking back, its taught me how we can realize what’s in our mind. This year has given me enough hurdles to get me stronger and clearer. So I am grateful for the bruises and the band aids, the connections made and my amazing family and friends who support me. “
I asked a few of my friends what they were grateful for and here are the responses:

Ali Stewart, masterful executive and leadership coach who I know did some very cool things this year like launch a book, run a big event etc!


This year I am most grateful for the new friends I’ve met as part of my KPI journey, for launching my first ever book “Insights Into Liberating Leadership” surrounded by so many friends and family and for the wonderful opportunities now open to me. I am grateful every day for the love in my life and the joyful times I share with others.


Jutta Wohlrab, the madonna of the birthing world, international speaker, coach and trainer. She revolutionizing the most basic processes of life we take for granted- Birthing! An adventure traveller and a total blast to be around.

Jutta 05-1e

I am grateful this year for surviving an earthquake in Nepal, and for being to able to support other people and to share some of my life and my knowledge. I am grateful for my life.


Melanie Rice, musician, a talent manager for artists, and producer of shows such as Miss’d America, Street Life Concert etc. A social entrepreneur and a creative that I deeply admire. A wonderful human being.


I am most grateful for the love and companionship I have been able to share throughout the year with my family, my dear friends (old & new) and loved ones.  That love has gotten me through the worst and best of times and helped me to know that I am never alone.


Darshana Ubl, business leader, advocate for small businesses, investor, speaker and advisor. She is an amazing combination of business-savvy and lovve-for-people and the planet. No wonder she’s now authoring a book on win-win-win. She knows how to work hard and play hard.



“I am thankful for having the ability to dream, follow my vision and ride on the path chosen by me. 2015 has been a year of change, new beginning and adventures. I have a lot to be thankful for this year:

In my professional capacity I love doing what I love (supporting small businesses), am good at it and have the support of amazing entrepreneurs with whom I have had the pleasure of working with. In my personal life I am blessed with a supportive and caring family,  good friends and a loving husband.

In the community I am making a difference through my talks, media appearances and charitable causes I support. And above all, I have had the energy and vitality to pursue my dreams because of good health and the blessings of others.

I hope that I can build on this in 2016.”


Sarah Arrow, blogging coach and top 50 social media influencer in the world. A woman’s woman. She has given me some really daring ideas to implement in 2016. I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. 😉

Photo by The Reveal Program with Sharon Simpson

I am a simple woman and I am grateful to be alive.


Daphne Diluce, the full-artist. She transforms spaces with her artistry, combining high-tech with interior design.


What I am most grateful for is life itself in all forms and to be a creative, someone who can make a positive difference. In 2016, I will continue to transform spaces and people’s lifestyles with passion and creative and design skill. A transformational mind set is; To have a purpose in life and know why you do what you.


Julie Choo, fin-techpreneur, investor and strategic advisor.

Last list-12e
Julie Choo in our Linen jumpsuit named after her.

Feeling good because I have a clear vision of my goals, both business and personal. I’m so grateful I have my friends and family around to support me. There’s nothing like knowing what you want to do, where you want to be. The fun is working out how to get there!

Deborah Turner, personal branding specialist. A very kind and helpful person with an amazing sense of style and fashion.


Thankful for the opportunity to meet so many amazing women, to do what I love daily and to feel like a significant part of the momentum encouraging more women to aim high in business, set up their own businesses and to reach their full potential.

Hera Hussain, founder of Chayn who leverages technology to fight violence against women. She has a full-time job and runs a high-impact charity and she is another person I am constantly trying to learn from.

Hera in the Twisted Strokes Kimono

I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn new things such as writing policy briefs, understanding the complex world of advocacy and how to make my mother’s chicken handi. I am also grateful for the inspiring, resilient and kind people I have met this year as part of the work I do, especially the volunteers from Chayn who spend so much of their free time working on a cause.


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