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Reflecting upon the Journey so far

I have been meaning to post this article for awhile now, but goodness it has been crazy to find a moment to sit.

In the last two weeks, or perhaps in the last month, we have been on a rollercoaster (we have always been on one since we began), but mildly put, a post launch phase is quite a phase.

We have had sales come in online, and we have had a wide range of feedback from people who believed that we were going to get funded big time to people thinking we are off our rockers(!), we have put our collection in a few stores….

As we charge forward, we have had several moments of reflection on where we are now, where we are ultimately headed, how can we get more deeply into the heart of our vision? How are we streamlining our processes and getting laser focused for the upcoming year and so on. Fashion is always a year ahead folks. In a few weeks time, we are expected to have products that will go into stores next year!

I don’t know about you, but I still find that crazy. That designers, who did Fashion Weeks in New York and London and now Paris, showed Spring Summer 2016 Collections on the catwalk right after which they sell their autumn winter 2016 collections to department stores all over the world. By the time they run the Autumn Winter 2016 catwalk in February 2016, they’re done and dusted with 2016 and are already selling Spring Summer 2017!

So you see the break neck pace? As a brand new company, we see no need to trouble ourselves with the mad pace but stay grounded and true to what we are about by creating fashion around stories of the people we have a deep connection with.

Our phase one is what you can see here– The humble beginnings – the website, the store, the collection that was painstakingly designed, sampled and produced in-house to a very high standard. We tend to go ALL IN whenever we go after something! We have learned an incredible amount in the last year by putting our heads down to work and we have many many stories to share.

We befriended people who believed in what we did and embodied the values of defying norms by wearing their hearts. We had them in our photographs modeling our pieces to show you a diversity not just of skin colors or sizes, but the diversity in the expression of their true selves.

At each stage on our journey so far(phase one), I think we took the hardest challenge upon ourselves. Like one of my friends recently remarked, we probably wanted to eat the whole elephant in one go! Haha.


Surely enough, this is not the startup advice we would give anyone in our place- I think some days were nothing short of pure insanity. But I think we held through and we have learnt an incredible amount by pushing it so hard. We didn’t go over the edge, although it did seem that we might!

I think now we are ready to use what we learnt about the big picture to go stronger, get more focused and hopefully, avoid a serious burnout really. :)

In our next phase, we introduce you to what fashion industry looks like on the inside and we share with you our behind the scenes story. What does it entail to create a piece of garment? We are going to carry you through the process of stories getting transformed to fashion. We go deeply into each person’s story to find the thread that resonates universally. Who doesn’t have a story of falling in love, of having dreams, of losing a friend, of finding a treasure, of failing at something they cared about, of being passionate about a cause or an art and going on the vulnerable journey of making things happen?

Our goal is to give you a range of beautiful clothes that have a deep personal meaning to you. We put the art and the heart into it and we share the trip now that we’ve been on the adventure ourselves and familiarized ourselves with the routes.

In phase 2, we are also looking at some exciting collaborations and we cannot wait to share with you what it is all about … Coming soon…

Times are changing in fashion!



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